Relamatrix Group, Inc. facilitates and manages business-to-business relationships in the global healthcare market. Relying on proprietary technology, strategic partnerships, and a business process that maximizes the collective goodwill of former senior healthcare executives, we accelerate the pace of bringing products/services to the United States healthcare marketplace and worldwide.

We propose the following questions to senior sales & marketing executives worldwide:

  • How do you identify whether a sales target (i.e., Hospital, Distributor, HMO, IDN, Insurance Carrier, etc) is genuinely interested in your product/service before you invest the time and expense of traveling to make a presentation?
  • How do you find out what a decision-maker thought of your presentation after you've left the room?
  • How do you explore a dialogue with potential strategic partners before you invest the time and expense of traveling to meet with them?
  • How do you learn the status of your proposed contract after you’ve left three messages and received no return calls from the prospective buyer?

The answer is the Corporate Ambassador Program . Your direct link to the boardroom and mindsets of key healthcare decision-makers.