The Relamatrix Group actively recruits from all sectors of the healthcare industry. The review process begins with evaluating a submitted resume and cover letter, followed by a telephone interview. The firm invites prospective candidates to submit their resumes by advertisements in prominent industry publications, such as Modern Healthcare Magazine, by referral from existing Ambassadors, and through the Internet.

Our approach to recruitment is flexible and creative. There is no pre-established qualification formula for the identification of ideal Corporate Ambassadors. However, the characteristics most prevalent in our Corporate Ambassadors are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism & Integrity
  • Peer Recognition & Relationships

In combination, these characteristics portray what we look for in the ideal Corporate Ambassador. We are interested in speaking with any senior healthcare executive that can be described as:

"Entrepreneurial by nature, balanced by a foundation of professionalism and integrity, and recognized by a network of peers as a credible source of information and problem-solving solutions."

We work with independent consultants and executives in transition.