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CAPNet, or Corporate Ambassador Program Network, is a proprietary database that relies on an intricate web of relational variables to store, track, and coordinate information on the combined decision-maker relationships of our team of Corporate Ambassadors.

CAPNet acts as a powerful "search engine" that filters through the combined rolodexes of our Corporate Ambassador team to identify new business opportunities with unparalleled precision and speed the information. The relationships stored in our database, however, serve as the starting point for an on going strategic dialogue. CAPNet is not a mailing list.

Once we have identified viable business development targets on CAPNet, our Corporate Ambassadors begin a high-level dialogue with that targeted organization to identify whether a genuine interest and need exists for the client solution. If the answer is "yes," we endeavor to resolve such need by facilitating a presentation from our client’s senior marketing team and initiating the deal cycle.

Ultimately, the goal is to avoid courtesy meetings.