The Relamatrix Group was founded in 1993 on the premise that the $1.5 trillion healthcare industry was ready for a new approach to the process of finding, facilitating, following-up, and finalizing business-to-business transactions.

With rapid commercialization of the healthcare industry along every step of the patient care continuum, there has never been a greater need for innovative ways to create deal opportunities for both established and newly launched companies that provide products and services to the healthcare industry.

New business can be developed many ways and relationships can be cultivated through multiple channels. It is always more efficient, however, to work through an existing relationship-to tap into the goodwill that exists between two trusted colleagues- that allows one to quickly identify whether a genuine business opportunity exists. This requires more than just "access" to decision-makers, however. One needs "access" to an existing relationship. This very observation served as the intellectual foundation for the business model behind the Relamatrix Group.

We conceptualized a business development process based on the strength of pre-existing relationships, not unlike the dynamics of lobbying and public relations firms. Maximizing the collective goodwill of former senior healthcare executives in the same way that former elected officials are recruited to law firms and military personnel to lobbying organizations. We recruit high-profile healthcare executives to serve as our Corporate Ambassadors. Working through the powerful medium of personal relationships, we are then able to eliminate courtesy meetings and ensure a more efficient use of sales & marketing resources by gathering feedback directly from the source in a professional and appropriate fashion.

In 1999, the Relamatrix Group globalized its client-base and operations, launching its presence on the World Wide Web and implementing a public relations program. The Relamatrix Group continues to expand its access and influence through a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. In sum, we will continually stay on the leading edge of healthcare dealmaking by representing the leading vendors in niche markets, assisting emerging medical technologies become industry standards, and leveraging our resources in return for equity in promising Internet ventures.