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CAPNet is the technological foundation of a new dimension in developing new business. It places at our fingertips the ability to strategize in real-time with clients and Ambassadors on the availability and access of specific decision-maker relationships. We customize our process to each client’s business development agenda and marketing needs by going directly to the source—we access decision-makers directly through a Corporate Ambassador to gather the candid feedback that is necessary to determine, for both parties, if a genuine opportunity exists.

With CAPNet, we identify and pursue business development on:

  • Generic organizational targets

Example: all relationships with Integrated Delivery Networks, HMOs, etc.

  • Specific organizational targets

Example: all relationships with commercial HMOs only in the northeast.

  • Specific executive access points

Example: all relationships CFOs in rural hospitals.

  • Specific executive access points with specific relationship levels

Example: only excellent professional relationships with presidents of Hospital systems.