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The Corporate Ambassador Program is an on-going business process that complements the efforts of the existing sales & marketing team. Once we have executed an agreement to represent your company, there are ten basic steps to our process:

  1. Formulate a business development agenda that tactically implements client's sales & marketing plan.

  2. Build a team of Corporate Ambassadors from within, and recruit when necessary.

  3. Access decision-maker relationships to identify and explore interest in client's product/service.

  4. Cultivate found interest and further educate decision-maker about client.

  5. Gather viability information directly to assess nature of business opportunity.

  6. Arrange high-level business presentations for client only after the decision-maker has expressed both an interest and need for client's product/service.

  7. Gather intelligence and feedback directly from decision-maker following the presentation.

  8. Proactively manage and resolve relationship issues to promote merits of proposal.

  9. Enable the client to allocate resources more efficiently by informing them when the prospects of a deal or proposal become less favorable.

  10. Continually identify and pursue new business strategies, alliances, partnerships, and contract opportunities for client.